Welcome to the Python-Ogre site. Python-Ogre is a free open source Python interface to a wide range of C++ libraries. Focused primarly on supporting the Ogre 3D graphics library and other Graphics and Gaming libraries. Python-Ogre allows developers to focus on their ‘application’, taking advantage of the simplicity of Python with the performance and functionality of the underlying libraries.

Python-Ogre Gaming

Python-Ogre would not be possible without the amazing work of Roman and his Py++ toolset. If you ever need a Python interface to a C++ (or C) library then there is simply no easier and quicker way to go than with Py++.

Blog – 22 December 2016

I’m on the market for a kitchen faucet. The wife is driving me crazy. I’ve spent the past 2-hours reading kitchen faucet reviews and feel like I’m getting nowhere. I love the faucets from Wayfair, but think I’ll probably settle on this one. Got any reviews/ideas for me? Hit me up on the usual Python Ogre IRC and help a brother out!!

Blog – 19 December 2016

This blog has been dead for quite some time; but rest assured Python Ogre is still being updated – just check github. I recently got my first ever vehicle, a moped. Lol. I arranged my insurance through a local broker here – One Sure Insurance, who I would 100% recommend for getting cheap moped insurance. I now look like an old teen; riding a Vespa around town. Hilarious.

Blog – 10 March 2008

Quick update on the 1.2 release — probably about a week away from a Release Candidate 2 if all the testing goes well.

Turns out that there have been significant changes to Py++ and the way that virtual ‘parent’ functions are exposed in child classes. This means that the Python-Ogre libraries now expose even more than previously, and accessing functions in ‘parent’ classes is now possible (basically makes the wrapper even more accurate to the underlying C++ libraries). This does come with a price (not a performance one!) in that I now need to retest everything as behaviours can change.

There will also be a small number of API changes in the next release — nothing significant and in all cases it changes functions to more accurately match the underlying C++ calls.

On a personal note, I finally caved in and bought my children a karaoke machine. A massive shoutout to Thomas Boxtiger who runsĀ http://www.theboxtigermusic.com for the recommendation!

Blog – 22 Feb 2008

The first Release Canadidate for version 1.2 is out!!!!

Check the announcement on the user forum, basically the latest and greatest in all the libraries — although to get it out early Navi and NxOgre are not supported in this first candidate release (but will be in the next one!)

I’m also scheduled to take two weeks out of action very soon – so don’t expect any updates to be pushed through in the later weeks of March and into early April.

Blog – 11 Feb 2008

OK so it’s been a while since I updated the blog, however life has been busy to say the least.. Forgetting Christmas and New Year holidays (and Lunar New year of course) work commitments have kept the Python-Ogre activity to a lower level than I’d like. However there’s still plenty to talk about:

This site has been updated to Joomla 1.5 release — I can now add a proper gallery/projects section to allow the community to showcase projects using Python-Ogre.

Lots of code generation updates to Python-Ogre with a new major release (1.2) expected middle of the month.

Look for opensteer (AI and path finding) and Hydrax (water) modules very soon
The new build system for Linux seems to have been successful based upon the positive results coming in from the community

And the MAC support is also ‘OK’, although I did the initial testing on the older version of MacOS and now need to retest/edit for Tiger

Once 1.2 is out I’m probably going to switch to the head CVS version of OGRE (instead of the 1.4 release SDK) as I want to include the portal scene manager in the next release of Python-Ogre, plus take advantage of some newer trigger functionality that allows processing to occur while the GPU is busy.