Python Ogre 1.1

  • Built with Ogre 1.4.4+
  • Added Theora module for video playback
  • Added Plib support – Sound and Networking + subset of ssg
  • Added OgreForests — a paging landscape manager
  • Added Editable Terrain (Thanks Dermont)
  • Added OgreBullet Support — sperate modules for collission and dynamics
  • Added Navi gui support
    • This REALLY needs Python built with VC8 and so IS BUGGY. All current python binaries for Windows are built with VC7 with an older MSVC runtime library that conflicts with the javascript interpreter that’s part of the Mozilla libraries
  • Code generated with updated Py++ that fixes ‘already exposed’ issues with multiple modules
  • Updated QuickGui – SVN
  • Updated NxOgre using version 0.9-38
  • Updated NxOgre config and framework (bug fixes)
  • Bug fix to OgreAL to fix ogg playback and general stability
  • Ogre code generation improvements –
    • Ctype support for ‘void const *’ (changed to unsigned int)
      previous version only modified ‘void *’ (missed the const variables)
    • Fixed cases where multiple void *’s in argument list – only first one was being fixed
    • Moved common functions into common_utils so single place to fix — need to implement for other modules
    • Created VARNAME_Copy helper functions for readonly variables, incase you want a copy for your own use
    • Added helper function for PixelBox (“getData”) to give access to the data variable
  • Updated the vcredist files to the current version
  • Demos/media is now the standard OgreSDK media directory, where necessary each demo directory has a ./media directory for additional ‘demo’ media

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