7 Unexpected Ways To Use Lavender Essential Oil

For centuries, people around the world have been using essential oils to treat a variety of physical and emotional problems. Aromatherapy, the practice of using essential oils to treat numerous conditions, has continued to rise in popularity over the years and more and more people are discovering just how powerful these amazing oils are.

When it comes to essential oils, lavender essential oil is an absolute must-have. Lavender essential oil has a remarkably diverse list of uses and it benefits the mind and body tremendously. Here are seven unexpected ways that lavender essential oil can benefit you.

1. Lavender essential oil works as a spot treatment for acne.

Because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, lavender essential oil can kill pimples in no time. By applying a single drop of this oil to a pimple, you will kill the bacteria that is on the pimple’s surface and quickly bring down inflammation and swelling.

2. Lavender essential oil can relieve gas pain quickly.

Lavender has analgesic properties, meaning that it eliminates gas that runs through the digestive tract. Plus, lavender contains antispasmodic properties which forces tense intestinal muscles to relax, allowing gas and food to pass through the digestive tract more easily.

3. Lavender essential oil gets rid of tension headaches.

Thanks to the antispasmodic properties of this incredible oil, you can relieve tension headaches quickly. By simple applying a few drops of the oil to your temples, tense muscles around the face will begin to relax and the blood vessels will open up, allowing blood to flow more easily. Plus, the scent of lavender has been proven to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety, two major headache culprits.

4. Lavender essential oil can help you get a more restful night’s sleep.

If you have trouble falling asleep or you wake up frequently throughout the night, try putting a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow. Studies have shown that when inhaled, lavender essential oil will calm the mind and slow down the nervous system, allowing you to drift off to sleep more easily. Best of all, you’ll stay asleep until it’s time to wake up in the morning.

5. Lavender essential oil keeps moths away from your clothes.

Moths are biologically programmed to stay away from lavender flowers and they are repelled by the scent. Therefore, by spraying clothing with a mixture of lavender essential oil and water, you can keep moths away from your clothes for good.

6. Lavender essential oil can help treat an asthma attack.

Extensive studies have shown that the inhalation of lavender essential oil can open up airways that are constricted during an asthma attack. That’s because the scent of lavender signals increased blood flow throughout the body, forcing muscles and tissue to open up. If you’re using a treadmill (which we have recommended over and over), we recommend using lavender essential oil in combination with your running and jogging habits. While using a treadmill, rub the oil into your legs to reduce pain and stiffness. Be sure to use a treadmill that is highly reputable, such as those found here: http://www.thesarahpalinblog.com/reviews/treadmills/

7. Lavender essential oil can kill germs in your home.

Who doesn’t want their home to smell like lavender? This essential oil is known for its antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties. Therefore, you can simply combine vinegar and lavender essential oil to make a household cleaning spray that will kill germs in your kitchen and bathroom.


Now that you’ve read this list, it’s time to stock up on lavender essential oil and discover for yourself the amazing benefits of this sweet-smelling, affordable and completely natural product.