Inversion Therapy – And Why I Use it

Inversion therapy is when you take pressure from gravity off your nerve roots and the spinal column. Using an inversion table, you are able to increase space between your vertebrae. This type of therapy is a method that stretches the spine (spinal traction) and is excellent at relieving back pain. There are many benefits of inversion therapy from ease of stress to increasing joint health.

Back Pain

Inversion tables help to target back pain by:

  1. Relax your Tense Muscles
  2. Rehydrating the Spinal Column Discs
  3. Reducing the Pressure on the Nerves

It only takes about five minutes of your time to decompress not to mention it feels very soothing. This is a non-surgical calm & easy way to relieve pain in your back! To find the best inversion table for your needs, we advise reading inversion table reviews of the best inversion tables. My favorite source is:

Relax your Tense Muscles

Upon stretching your spine, you are also giving your muscles a good stretch. An inversion table helps to reduce tension and allows for blood circulation. This means at the end of day you can relax your muscles and reduce muscle tension.

Rehydrating the Spinal Column Discs

Upon standing, exercising, sitting, or doing anything that is considered a weighted activity, fluid from your discs is squeezed out into the soft tissue. This causes compression in your spine and is very difficult to deal with due to the amount of pain it causes. Upon laying down this compression that occurs is reduced just enough so that your spine can reabsorb the spinal fluids during the time you sleep however, sometimes it is not enough reabsorption to last you the day. Really, the only time when you give the discs in your back a true break is when you are participating in inversion therapy.  This is why this type of therapy is so important.

Reducing the Pressure on the Nerves

The spinal cord is made up of a lot of nerves that runs through what is known as the spinal column; all of these nerves are in control of the communication between the brain and your body. Damage to the spinal discs that make up your spinal column can cause a nerve to become impaired or what is known as a pinched nerve. There can also be inflammation there as well. An inversion table can help to reduce this kind of pain by stretching out the spinal column reducing the pressure on the discs thus allowing you to be free of any kind of nerve pain due to a pinched nerve.