Python-Ogre started life as a Python interface to the Ogre3D graphics library and is the successor of the original PyOgre project (thanks for the inspiration guys).


The initial wrapper for Ogre was created by Lakin Wecker in mid 2006 using Roman Yakovenk’s Py++ toolset.  Much of the initial development was done on the Windows platform, however today Python-Ogre runs equally well on Linux and Windows (and work is underway on OSX)

Currently nearly 30 individual libraries make up the Python-Ogre library set — if you want to create a Gaming or Graphics application in Python then there isn’t any else you need apart from Python-Ogre, and if there is a library you’d like to have wrapped then let us know and we’ll take a look.

Libraries that are part of Python-Ogre today include:

  • Rendering
    • Ogre3D
  • I/O
    • OIS
  • GUI
    • CEGUI
    • QuickGUI
    • BetaGUI (for the NxOgre demos)
    • Navi
  • Sound
    • OgreAL
    • Plib
  • Physics
    • NxOgre / PhysX
    • OgreODE / ODE
    • OgreNewt / Newton
    • OgreBullet / Bullet
  • Networking
    • Plib
  • Addons
    • OgreForests
    • Caelum (sky’s and clouds)
    • ET (Editable Terrain)
    • Noise
    • Video (Theora, OgreDshow, ffmpeg)

And more upon request……………