When it comes to the plumbing in your home, there are a number of problems that can emerge.
Whether it’s faulty water pressure or even water not flowing entirely in your home, there is no
shortage of problems that can occur.

At The Original Plumbing Company, we’ve seen it all and can say with authority that one of the
most important aspects of your plumbing is the pilot light. If you have any issues with your pilot
light, it’s best to get in contact with a professional right away to fix those problems.

What is a Pilot Light?

The pilot light is a tiny flame that is kept lit at all times. This flame is responsible for providing the
light that ignites gas when you go to turn on a gas appliance. As you may have guessed, this is
a very important piece of the heating within your home. To see a pilot light yourself, go to your
furnace and simply look within. You’ll see the small flame burning bright.

Common Pilot Light Problems

One of the most common reasons a plumber is called to a home is for a problem with the pilot
light. Here are a few common problems that this part of your furnace can have:

● Pilot Light Blows Out: As you may have guessed, one of the biggest problems a pilot
light may have is the flame going out. When this happens, your appliances will have no
spark to ignite the gas and you won’t be able to use those appliances.
● Pilot Light Burns Inefficiently: In an ideal scenario, your pilot light is burning a bright
blue color. If this light seems yellow or orange, it is actually cooler and not receiving
enough oxygen to burn as it should.
● Dirt Builds Up: Another cause for an inefficient burn is if dirt starts to build up in the gas
intake valve. This will restrict the oxygen supply for the flame and result in a bad burn.
● Thermocouple Problems: Finally, the safety device of the pilot light that detects
whether or not the flame is burning properly, called the thermocouple, may malfunction
and believe too much gas is being given to the flame. It may then reduce the supply and
cause the flame to wrongly burn cooler.

How to Fix a Pilot Light

The best way to fix a pilot light is to phone a professional to come to your home and reset the
light. Check the space your furnace is in and ensure there are no drafts that would extinguish the flame. Try to adjust the flame yourself and see if it solves your problems, but call a professional if the issues persist.

Keep Your Plumbing Operational

The last thing you want is to have only cold water flowing through the pipes in your home.
Keeping your pilot light operational will help prevent this problem. It’s worth noting the newer
homes use induction coils that serve the same purpose as a pilot light. While some of the
problems that could emerge differ, the outcome of those problems is the same.

Don’t settle for cold water. Visit our plumber Claremont location today to see why we here at
The Original Plumbing Company are the best in the business. Our combined experience and
knowledge means we can solve any issue with your pilot light that we discover. We look forward
to working with you.