When getting work done on your roof, there are a lot of questions you should ask any potential contractor. Contrary to what you may believe, the cheapest option you receive on a quote may not actually be the best choice for your own project.

At Oak Hills Roofing, we understand the process that goes into roofing repair and a roofing estimate, and we hope to clear up the matter of why the cheapest estimate is not always the best choice for you.

Look Deeper Into Your Quote

Unfortunately, some roofing contractors will not be upfront with all of the details within a quote. While it may seem cheap right on the surface, check what you are actually being charged for. After all, it’s easier to charge a cheap fee when the roofing materials being used are extremely subpar.

Additionally, check if you are being provided with a warranty within the quote. Any contractor worth their money is willing to provide a warranty for their work, considering they want to maintain a solid reputation for the work they perform.

Grill Your Contractor With Questions

If you are receiving a cheap estimate, grill your potential contractor with as many questions as you can. Don’t just settle for the fact that you are receiving a cheap estimate. As mentioned above, ask what materials they plan to use. Ask a contractor what happens if there is an accident during the roofing project that is out of anybody’s control. Who has to pay the repair fees then?

Additionally, ask this contractor if they have any reviews or references they can offer you. A cheap estimate isn’t necessarily a bad sign, but contractors with worse reviews may charge lower rates just to get your business.

Keep an Eye Out For Hidden Fees

As part of the process of grilling your potential contractor with questions, keep an eye out for and hidden fees that may come with the estimate. For example, look through and see what is included. If materials are not listed, be sure that you won’t be paying for them later.

If you don’t see the cost of labor listed, ask your contractor if they will be outsourcing any work on the project and if that will cost anything extra.

Overall, being offered a cheap estimate isn’t necessarily bad. Perhaps it’s in the off-season or the contractor is offering a discount. However, it warrants looking a little deeper into who the contractor is and what exactly the estimate they provide includes.

When it comes to your roofing project, don’t jump the gun early. It may be tempting to accept the cheapest estimate you find, especially when working with a budget, but many roofing companies may try to cut corners and use materials that are not of the highest quality.

Find a roofing company that you can trust. We here at Oak Hills Roofing are here for your roofing needs and can provide the best bang for your buck. Feel free to give us a call or come on down and visit our roofing contractor apple valley location today.