Jewelry is a fantastic item to pawn, but learning how to pawn jewelry correctly can be difficult. Some pawnshops may not respect the item that you’ve brought in and try to undercut you, but there are a few helpful tips when it comes to pawning any type of jewelry.

At Las Vegas Pawn, we’ve seen a multitude of jewelry items come through our doors and are here to tell you that pawning these items can be done successfully. To pawn jewelry, follow these tips:

1.  Don’t be afraid to negotiate

Negotiation is key when it comes to your items. Touched on below, it’s important to know the true value of any items you are bringing to a pawn shop.

Negotiating can help you get a better price for your item and show a pawn shop owner that you are aware of what your item is worth. Start high with your negotiations, even if you know it’s a price you know you won’t get. This will give you somewhere to lower to that will still make you happy.

2.  Keep your jewelry clean

Pawning dirty jewelry is a quick way to get an unfair value for your items. It also shows a pawn shop owner that you may not care about the jewelry you are selling, and result in a lower price being offered.

Always clean off any jewelry you are hoping to pawn before bringing it into a shop.

3.  Always be aware of the items true value

As mentioned above, the first mistake you can make when pawning jewelry is not knowing the true value of your item. Whether it’s gold, diamond, or silver, ensure that you are aware of what the average price is for the amount within the jewelry.

This will also give you a reference point to show a pawn shop owner should they try to undercut you.

4.  Presentation matters more than you think

Along with keeping your jewelry clean, bring it to a pawn shop in a decent case or holder. If you simply pull the jewelry out of your bag and have no presentation, it signals a pawn shop owner that you may not care. The original packaging for your item is best, but any nice box for presentation will do.

5.  Don’t pawn everything at once

Try not to sell all of your jewelry at once. Bulk selling your jewelry could potentially result in you getting offered a lower price per item than if you were to sell one at a time. Take it slow and make sure you know the proper value of every piece of jewelry you go to sell.

As far as pawn shop Fontana locations go, there are few that will give you as fair a treatment as Las Vegas Pawn. We understand how precious jewelry can be and strive to treat your items with the utmost respect.

Whether the goal is to pawn gold, diamond, or silver jewelry, the above tips can help you answer the question of how can I pawn my jewelry?

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