A smog check is an essential requirement for vehicles. At West Coast Smog, we have experienced technicians who have performed hundreds of smog tests and know the ins and outs of the service.

Getting a smog inspection for your vehicle is required to have that vehicle registered with the DMV, but few people even know what a smog check consists of, let alone how often they need to get a smog check done.

What is a Smog Check?

A smog check is an inspection that is meant to ensure your vehicle meets the standards set in place by whatever state you reside in. These standards exist to keep the environment clean from air pollution, and failing a smog check will result in your vehicle becoming ineligible for registration.

What Does a Smog Check Look For?

A smog check looks for three main things: emission numbers, visual damage, and functional effectiveness. The first of those items, emission numbers, is determined by pulling data from the on-board computer within your vehicle.

In the past, technicians used to need to measure the emissions from the tailpipe manually, and still do in the case of older cars. After the emissions test, a smog check will involve a visual inspection of all parts within the emissions system. To pass, there can be no visible damage to these components, such as the catalytic converter.

Finally, a functional test is performed to see if the parts are working properly. This stage looks at things such as whether or not the engine light turned on or if there is internal damage to the engine bay.

Is it Time for a Smog Check?

As you can see, keeping your vehicle up to date and legal for driving is extremely important. The exact frequency of how often you need a smog check changes from state to state, but a general rule of thumb is to get a smog check every two years.

However, certain states also have rules on which vehicles need smog checks and which don’t. For perspective, in California, gas cars older than 1975, electric vehicles, or gas vehicles less than eight years old don’t need a smog check.

Consult your state’s DMV online and check whether or not your vehicle needs a smog check, as well as how frequently you may need one. It’s also worth noting that you can only get a smog check from certified locations.

Additionally, some dealerships will simply perform a smog check for you if you take your vehicle in for a standard check-up and they see it’s time for the inspection.

Get a Smog Check For Your Vehicle Today

Visit a smog check shop near you today to get your car registered with the DMV legally for the open road. We firmly believe we here at West Coast Smog are the best of the best and can give your vehicle a proper inspection. Come on down and visit our smog check shop in Highland today to get your vehicle inspected.